A page full of little gifts from us to you
as you study away!

We know you're busy with exams coming up, so here are some simple things we thought might bring a smile and help you relax, even for just a little while...

We hope you enjoy them all!!!

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First up...

Some humour and a music video to get you on your feet and MOVING!!!



How about a delicious recipe for a Hot Chocolate Drink - it's yummy! And let's face it, it's as good an excuse as ever to get up and treat yourself :)


Homemade Hot Chocolate

A simple recipe that's extra flavourful and delicious!


And how about this...

We've picked a three-hour-long mix of relaxing music for you to run in the background as you focus and get that work done



Get off that chair, bed, beanbag or floor and do this 5-minute workout! 5 minutes, that's all it takes. No excuses. You need this. You got this. Now!


We're praying

for you too!

Take a moment to stop and get in touch
with your spiritual side,
speak to God,
tell him how you feel, what you wish for,
just as you would with a friend.

You are not alone!

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Believe in yourself






Have faith in yourself

and know that your efforts are ging to pay off.


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