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We have gathered a few gifts together for you throughout these challenging times to hopefully ease some of your tension during this exam period :) 
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Hope you like them :)

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Have you taken a moment to look back on what a long way you have come so far?

How about preparing a nice fresh smoothie with 3 fruits of your choice (banana makes them really good) example: - 1 banana, 1 kiwi and 2 strawberries. We recommend that you avoid citrus.  All you need is some kind of food processor and some ice or leave it to cool for some time in the fridge.  When ready, take it with you on the roof.  Here's some background music for you to enjoy whilst taking some time to look back on what you have achieved so far!! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=98h3I58amR8



We know you're not done yet so here's a prayer for you as you continue this journey of studies ... but take heart, you're almost done!!

A Prayer for Exams


This is a stressful season, and I'm overwhelmed by the mountain of work ahead of me, yet I trust in you. I know that when I put my faith in you, even when it's as small as a mustard seed (Luke 17:6), miracles can be accomplished. I pray that as I study in these coming weeks, as I soak up knowledge and memorize facts, as I read and process and write, that you would be renewing my mind and strengthening my spirit. Help me to persevere through the massive to-do lists and the busy schedules, and help me to keep my eyes fixed on you throughout it all.

As I enter my classrooms and exam rooms, I pray you would blanket me in your peace. Ease any anxieties, calm my restless mind, and give me focus on the task at hand. I pray that I would know my worth is in you alone, not in any grade I do or do not make, not in any assignment or test or teacher's opinion. I pray that I would fear your presence during my exams, and that I would be comforted by your nearness.

Thank you for the gift of this education, Jesus. I pray that these exams would be a celebration of all I have learned in this season, and that I would be grateful for all that I have experienced and for all the ways I have grown.

May you be glorified, Lord.


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And a final random video to enjoy xx


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