Dear Karla,

Happy Belated Birthday!!

we have gathered a few gifts together for you to enjoy!
Scroll down to view.
Hope you like them :)


We imagined that you would find this penguin cute ...

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

We also wanted to Thank You

for whatever decision you made as a student

either helping at hospital or staying at home keeping yourself and loved ones safe throughout this period.  It must have been somewhat confusing to arrive to a decision.  But thank you for having taken the time to discern and reflect :)

Image by Adam Whitlock

Something for you to enjoy

We somehow associated this playlist with you

We really hope that you'll enjoy it as you clear your room, make any errands ... we simply want you to enjoy your life , take care and ... last thing as you scroll down

Image by salih ferhat

Good Luck for your Exams/Placement


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