Dear Marija,

Happy Belated Birthday!!

we have gathered a few gifts together for you to enjoy!
Scroll down to view.
Hope you like them :)


We imagined that you would find this penguin cute ...

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

We also wanted to Thank You

for being one of the front liners throughout this period.

Thank You for all the sacrifices you've made and still are doing!

Image by Gabrielle Henderson

A Poem about Gratitude 

Which we hope you enjoy and fills your heart

In my life,
I am given
spectacular skies and meadows
that teach me to appreciate nature,
challenges and obstacles

that teach me creative problem solving,


that help me build strength,


that teach me the value in perseverance,


that teach me about friendship and love,

acts of kindness

that inspire me to see and be the good

in my world 

I am grateful for all of these gifts life has given me. 

Lisa Desatnik


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